Pastoral Licensing

Changes to Pastoral Licensing

In 2021, the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) Oasis assembly approved changes to its licensing process from a two-license system (Local Church and Association license) to a single unified License which is granted after a combined interview of the Candidate by representatives of the Local Church and the Association.  These changes are now in effect and have modified the usual spring and fall interviews for candidates seeking to obtain or renew their association license.

These changes apply to both designations of license, which are now valid for a period of two years:
• License to Minister (towards ordination)
• License for Lay Ministry (towards the recognized CBAC lay leader registry)

These changes have affected the HRUBA/CBAC Licensing Process described on pages 28-35 of the HRUBA Policies and Procedures Manual (available here). 

Starting with the spring 2023 Licensing Interviews, up to three members of the candidate's local church are expected to participate as members of the interview panel together with the members of the HRUBA Licensing Committee.

Pastoral Licensing Interviews: Held April 22, 2023

Spring Licensing Interviews for both Licenses to Minister (towards ordination) and Licenses for Lay Ministry (towards the recognized CBAC Lay Leader Registry) were held on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at New Life Church, 1760 Prospect Road, Hatchet Lake, NS.   

More detail is included in the March 23, 2023 Letter from the HRUBA Licensing Committee, available here or from the Chair of the HRUBA Licensing Committee, Darren Millett, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text at 902-476-2233.