Our Governing Documents

The Association is incorporated as a society under the Nova Scotia Societies Act. It is also a registered charity under the federal Income Tax Act. Both the provincial and federal legislation have requirements that we must meet in our governing documents. Our Association has three governing documents:

1. Memorandum of Association: This document includes our Association’s Objectives and has been approved by both the Nova Scotia Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, who acts as the Registrar for the Societies Act, and by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Any amendments must also be approved by both agencies after having been passed as a Special Resolution by the Delegates at a Meeting of the Association Body of Delegates. You can access a copy of the Memorandum of Association HERE.

2. By-Law #2: This By-Law was approved by Special Resolution at the HRUBA Annual Meeting of April 20, 2021 and repealed By-Law #1 in its entirety. The new By-Law #2 made a number of changes to our structure, streamlining the organization and allowing for participation of delegates via teleconference. You can access a copy of By-Law #2 HERE.

3. Policy and Procedures Manual: By-Law #2 gives the Association Council the authority to set up a Policies and Procedures Manual, establishing Terms of Reference, Rules of Procedure and Roles and Responsibilities for Association Council, Officers, Committees, Working Groups and Association Ministries. This Manual also includes a number of Policies on subjects such as Home Missions, New Churches and Licenses to Minister. The current version of the Policy and Procedures Manual was adopted by Association Council on June 1, 2021. You can access a copy of the Policy and Procedures Manual HERE.